5 Websites like Putlocker

Putlocker is a revolutionary website in all sorts. It has stood out in various ways. When people were craving for some binge watch sessions, they have visited this site and this site has catered to them relentlessly without fail. But in certain times these sites can be a little cheeky and is difficult to handle because of the ad and the pop-up issues.
And yes, it is an issue, watching a really engaging scene or maybe your favourite scene and there come those ads and pop-ups. Also, during navigating sites, certain clicks can redirect you to a different website altogether and that can be a real headache or rather a test of patience.
Though Putlocker has been a steady pillar in this business and has a lot to offer but with the internet policing going on having alternatives is the least you could treat yourself with.

Some of the Websites like Putlocker are

Go Movies

A very fair and clean interface. With easy navigation through the whole site. As far as the movie catalogue is concerned, then it is on its A-Game now. Free and High-Quality download and streaming is served. Certainly, it gives the cushion of not signing up and registration for the services.

Movie Ninja

An apt destination for an ad free viewing session. This space gives the proper service of non-sign-up viewership. It has a complete library of numerous types of movies. Never once will you feel that a movie of a TV show is left out. Also, everything is available in High Definition.


As suggested by the name, this is a viewer’s favourite and certainly for reasons like it is quick to update, regular with the refilling the library and will never disappoint you with the content by any means.


A very high-quality site, serves you with only High Definition movies and eliminates every content which is not high in quality. The ratings are always displayed along with a short synopsis and also you can check about the movie’s director and cast. So, all in all this site only caters premium quality of content to the audience or viewers.


A very tidy and clean interface, easy to use and navigate through. A total jam-packed catalogue with movies and tv Shows from loads of genres. Very organised and gives you the tabs to search your preferred content with specific filters.